Our proposals for Parkside were subject to detailed public scrutiny via the democratic planning process, followed by a government-mandated public inquiry.

To secure our planning permission we had to demonstrate not just the planning case for the development, but also how we would go about delivering the project in a way that mitigates the impacts of developing the scheme.

With consent now in place, work is starting on delivering on the scheme’s promise of more than 1,300 jobs, £2.2m a year in rateable income for the council and an uplift to the local economy of £80m a year.

The final building and landscape designs, along with a range of other detailed issues such as junction designs, drainage systems and lighting, will now be ruled upon by St Helens Borough Council’s planning committee.

If approved, work will then commence on securing a contractor to deliver the first phase of the project, which will initially involve two speculatively built units.

The reserved matters planning application is awaiting validation by the Council, after which it will be available on the Council’s planning portal for the public to view and submit comments.

You’ll be able to find it here: