The Environment

As with other aspects of this development, our aim with regards to mitigating the environmental impact of our investment is not just to meet our obligations, but to exceed them.

By taking advice from some of the country’s leading experts in ecology, landscape management and air, light, dust and sound pollution we have crafted an approach that leads the way for developments of this type – an approach that passed the detailed scrutiny of the independent Planning Inspectorate.

At a simple level, it means more and better green spaces for the public to enjoy on what is currently a closed, derelict colliery with little biodiversity.

Our plans will be nothing short of transformative, with new watercourses, tree planting, habitat development, public woodland walkways, exercise areas and more – all accessible to the public. From a brownfield, former industrial site with limited ecological value to something much more productive – environmentally, socially and economically.