Local Suppliers

Parkside Regeneration is committed to ensuring that as many local companies as possible have an opportunity to tender for packages of work that Parkside’s transformation will generate.

It is a large and complex project requiring regional- and national-scale businesses to oversee its delivery. As part of their tender responses these businesses will be scored on the extent to which they are able to identify how they are working with local companies, and with who.

We have put a programme in place to help ensure local companies are ‘fit to bid’, including whether they comply with the quality and performance standards required to deliver the high quality of work that is required.

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If you’d like to the opportunity to tender for direct contracts or packages of work as a sub-contractor, then click here and complete the form.

How will the process work?

Your company’s details will be retained by the project team and you will be notified when suitable work packages come up for tender, and signposted to support available.

We have a team managing this process in-house as it is a key objective for us.

We made a pledge at the very start of this project that we’d work hard to engage with local suppliers, and we will keep that promise.

John Downes, Chairman, Parkside Regeneration

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